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    Switching Dilemma and Ultimate Decision

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    You and your family go out for pizza every Friday night. You go to the same restaurant because the pizza is great. The service, however, is only okay. Last month you received particularly bad service and the pizza was not cooked properly. Since then you have tried different restaurants and have discovered two restaurants with good service and a cheaper price. There is one problem, the pizza is not as good as the original restaurant. Describe your switching dilemma and ultimate decision and action.

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    The switching dilemma occurred due to one bad incident of a "particular bad service and the pizza were not cooked properly". However, my family and I go to this same restaurant every Friday night for the awesome-tasting pizza. This particular bad experience motivated me and my family to go and try other ...

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    This solution discusses the recommended course of action when faced with unsatisfactory service at a favourite restaurant, but being unable to find food that measures up to the original restaurant at alternative places with better service.