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This post addresses customer service issues.

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A customer has asked for a refund on a computer purchased from you. Your boss has looked at the situation and finds the request unreasonable. The product in question has been repaired and returned and the customer admits continuing to use it, but complains that it does not do everything your firm advertised it would. Write a formal letter using block style. Tell the customer there will be no refund, but do so in a "you-oriented" way in which you have a chance of maintaining a relationship going forward.

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This post provides a sample letter that can be used for the customer service scenario given. This solution is written based on 25+ years of professional experience in the business management industry.

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Mr. Jones
123 Easy Street
Anywhere, FL 24565

Re: Request for Refund

Mr. Jones:

We have received your request for a refund from the computer purchase made at our XX location on December 30, 2011. We understand that you have concerns regarding the operation of your purchase, even though the equipment has been fixed. Our ...

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