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    You have been hired to manage the e-business division of a wholesale distribution company. The e-business division sells the company's merchandise at outlet store prices. At the last administrative meeting, someone suggested the e-business division could improve its bottom line by selling the names and e-mail addresses of its customers to other e-businesses. Discuss the following questions:

    Would it be ethical to sell customer information? Why or why not?
    Should the e-business division post a disclosure to let its customers know it will be selling information? How might this affect the credibility of the company? How might this affect the profitability of the e-business or other divisions in the company?
    300 - 500 words

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    Whether it is ethical to sell customer information depends on the facts involved. One of these facts is what the client was told or was not told when he signed up for the service. Most clients expect some level of privacy when dealing with any company and usually a Web site has a privacy agreement at the bottom of the page. In this situation, if there was a similar privacy agreement on the site or in any contracts and the company were to sell the ...

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