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Company Structure and Customer Response Times

How can the structure of your company impact reaction speed in response to the customer? Suggest a modification to the structure that will remedy the impact of structure on responsiveness.

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Companies can be organized in many ways. Frederick Taylor believed in scientific management in which there is cooperation between labor and management, and labor is performed based on methods and time study.

The Gilbreths' performed science of motion studies to determine most efficient manner in which to work.
More creative work was encouraged by Henry Gantt who championed a task and bonus system, called a "humanistic approach to labor." Henri Fayol outlined the principles of management with division of labor (like our armed forces uses). Each of these tended to segment out labor and ...

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This solution addresses how a company's structure impacts reaction response to the customer by evaluating various management styles and giving suggestions of how to be more responsive to customers through employee and management action.