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    Hewlett Packard

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    Request as much information as possible on the topic below.

    How does Hurd implement his vision? What type of organizational structures does he use? What type of controls? What about the hew HP culture?

    Case Instructions:

    Read the following articles about Hewlett Packard, as well as conduct additional research.

    Identify Hurd's mission, vision, goals, and objectives

    Identify strategic choices

    Identify organization design, strategic controls, as well as culture that Mr. Hurd uses to implement strategies?

    Analyze how Hurd implements his vision and strategic choices, using structures, controls, and organizational culture.

    Write a 4-5 page paper answering the questions above.

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    //Before starting this paper, there is a need of gathering sufficient information about Hewlett Packard, which can be collected from various websites. I am providing you adequate information of the company, in case you need more information, visit its website. //


    Hewlett Packard is a very well known name in the information technology. Hewlett Packard Company is the largest information technology corporation in the world in terms of revenue. In media outlets, the company is also recognized as the "H.P." for instance in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, while the company itself called themselves "HP". Main products of the company are printers, personal computers, network management software, high end servers etc. Company is operating its business globally in several areas like printing, computing, digital imaging. Beside this, the company is also providing software and services. Company's target markets are small business and household products that are personal computers, printers, cameras etc.

    This company is founded by the Bill Hewlett and David Packard Mr. Mark V. Hard is the Chairman, CEO and president of the company. Headquarter of the company is located in Palo Alto, California, United States. Main competitor o the company is IBM. In 2006 the annual revenue of the company was 91.7 US $ and in comparison to HP the IBM's revenue for the same year was 91.4 US $. This excess of revenue made the HP one of the largest technology vendors across the world. (In terms of sales)

    In the financial year 2007, third Quarter results posted revenues between $103 and $103.2 billion. According to this result, HP would become the world's first IT Company who crossed the $100 billion revenue mark. HP is also ranked first in global personal computer shipment. In this, HP beat its competitors with about 3.5% market share lead.

    //In some previous paragraphs, I have provided you with some information of Hewlett Packard with its business and financial performance. Moving further, we will discuss this company on some other points such as its culture, mission, vision, corporate strategies, etc. ...

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