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    alternate approach for HP

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    Need help doing this case analysis. Using the case attached please

    Prepare a memo for he executives at Hewlett-Packard
    providing your recommendation for their organization. Include:

    1) A brief description of the situation

    2) Your recommended approach

    3) A discussion on alternate approaches and why your
    recommendation is better

    Please include any references used

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    1) A brief description of the situation
    Hewlett-Packard is strong in the sense that it has held almost half of the world's inkjet market. That apart it has got a formidable learning experience from the Alex project. It has technical expertise and its facilities in Singapore are trying to prove their mettle. That apart the company is entering the competitive Japanese market with an open mind and with an attitude of discovering and conquering. The weaknesses of Hewlett-Packard stem from its mediocre, me too type of product and absence of brand image in Japan. If it wants to enter the Japanese market, it has to compete on the basis of either low prices or distinct product differentiation. Hewlett-Packard lacks either of these. Hewlett-Packard is not a well-known brand in Japan and its printer is larger than that of its competitors. The opportunities lie in the fast expanding Japanese market that makes it relatively easy for Hewlett-Packard to establish itself in the Japanese market. The threats are from the competitors Epson and Canon. These manufacturers affected by the formidable reputation of Hewlett-Packard may take retaliatory measures like forbidding their dealers from stocking HP ...

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    Prepare a memo for the executives at Hewlett-Packard