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    Provide an in-depth summary (literature review) of the text references found on this topic.

    The literature review section describes in detail other studies that have been conducted that deal with the same or similar problems. The literature review puts your research into a set with other studies and documents that have dealt with comparable issues and it gives you the knowledge to become an expert in the area that you are investigating. A thorough review of the literature also safeguards against undertaking a study that may have already been conducted, may not be feasible to do, or might not be of much value when set against what needs to be researched in a particular field. Use APA style for in-text citations and references.

    Objective: Develop and apply new strategies and techniques for managing the supply chain as the global economy evolves.
    Develop and implement an approach to convert project requirements into a project plan that meets cost, schedule and performance requirements.

    To explore the interdependencies between product and process design, production and service strategies, inventory planning, and quality.

    Demonstrate collaborative, analytical and communication skills.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2005 words with references.

    //Before writing the literature review, the brief overview of the company and its supply chain services and operations will be discussed. It will provide assistance in assessing the effectiveness of these strategies for fulfilling the requirements of the operations management of Hewlett Packard.//

    The paper presents the literature review on Hewlett Packard. The literature review is based on various literatures and documents written about the company. The basic purpose behind this literature review is to provide a complete knowledge about the company in a researched format. This knowledge will help in making expert opinion about the company's policies and its strategies related to various activities such as supply chain, service and product design management. A complete and thorough knowledge about the company's operations and its delivery process is required to frame the strategy to manage them. The literature review helps in finding the topics on which the information is available and those topics which need to be researched further (Lee & Billington, 1995).

    //After discussing about the general overview of the company and its operations, we will write the literature review. I tried to include some major points. You are free to add some more points, which you find suitable in concern to the company.//

    Lee and Bellington (1995) in their article researched about the company's inventory management challenges. HP is one of the largest technology based companies providing software, hardware and other related services. According to them, in late eighties, the company faced huge challenges in managing its supply chain and inventories. Inventory management was a huge burden on the company's finance department. To counter this problem, the company formed a team of experts, which included people from various fields, such as supply management experts, academicians, industrial engineers and management scientists. They provided an integrated solution system to manage the entire inventory related problems and the supply chain management (Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky & Simchi-Levi, 2004).

    Supply chain can be defined as the collection of various facilities, which consists of procurement of raw materials, making them usable items, and then deliver them to required destination through some distribution system. According to their article, the supply chain has three important elements, which are procurement, production and distribution. The HP's supply chain is made up of production, research & development, and sales & services. According to them, the major problem was the order fulfillment which required efficient efforts (Stadtler & Kilger, 2005).

    The diverse product portfolio of HP also posed great problems in the delivery process. The tasks to manage all the products were very complex and involve many uncertainties related to loss during transportation. The timely shipment of the products is also a great issue for HP. The uncertainty in the market demand for the product also affects the operations of the company which causes a lot of trouble to the managers. Understanding this market uncertainty requires an analytical approach and a lot of resources to make the operations efficient (Lee & Billington, 1995).

    The evaluation of all the available data related ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2005 words with references.