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    Develop a schedule for introducing a new product

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    1. You just have been instructed to develop a schedule for introducing a new product into the marketplace. Below are the elements that must appear in your schedule. Arrange these elements into work breakdown structure (down through level 3), and then draw the arrow diagram. You may feel free to add additional topics as necessary.
    ? Production layout Review plant costs
    ? Market testing Select distributors
    ? Analyze selling cost Lay out artwork
    ? Analyze customer reactions Approve artwork
    ? Storage and shipping cost Introduce at trade show
    ? Select salespeople Distribute to salespeople
    ? Train salespeople Establish billing procedure
    ? Train distributors Establish credit procedure
    ? Literature to salespeople Revise cost of production
    ? Literature to distributors Revise selling cost
    ? Print literature Approvals*
    ? Sales promotions Review meetings*
    ? Sales manual Final specifications
    ? Trade advertising Material requisitions
    (* Approvals and review meetings can appear several times.)

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    Work Breakdown Structure

    The work breakdown structure (WBS) is a significant tool of project management as it depicts an organized and ordered breakdown of a specified project into different parts (Heizer & Render, 2001). WBS alleviates an effectual planning for the project to manage the cost of the project. In a WBS, some logical series of smaller tasks are constituted for the project. Each task is chosen as per the size and scope that can be fit with the project management structure. (Haugan, 2002).
    Here is a schedule for introducing a new product into the marketplace. This schedule is described with the help of Work Breakdown structure down through level 3, with the help ...

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