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Creating a lawn care company

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Create a lawn care company profile and then follow the steps in a new-product strategy, describing each step and how it would be applied it to the company. Explain how it might move into the adoption phase (incorporating the diffusion process into the strategy).

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The ideal is lawn-care. The company will provide lawn-care services. These services will be of the highest standard and at a reasonable rate. The company will provide value for money. The idea is innovative because apart from the standard package and usual services, the service will provide soil testing, lime application, and mowing services.

Idea Generation stage: During this stage we will discuss what will be included in the services provided. For example, the service package will include fertilization, pre-emergence and post emergence weed control, and surface feeding insects. During the idea generation stage my company will also think about the strategy to be used. The strategy will be differentiation. The quality of services will be unique.

Idea screening: During this stage we consider if the lawn-care service package will attract customers. Will the customers be satisfied with the three ...

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The response provides you a structured explanation of service development in a mature industry . It also gives you the relevant references.

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I am currently studying market analysis. I've opted to continue with my landscaping business as a focal point. Can you please guide me through this seemingly feasible process?

It does not require an executive summary or specific format. I think that's what makes it a bit confusing for me. I want to understand the general outline necessary, and I have pasted the third party guidelines below. My instinct says drone on with pretentious diction, but I know that's probably not acceptable!

Required guidelines are:

Focus & Meaning
I have read the writing topic and identified my audience and purpose.

I have established and maintained an insightful controlling idea or bottom line and focused on a specific subject clearly expressed in a thesis statement.

I have read my essay to make certain I clearly adapted the message to the audience.

Content & Development
I have developed my ideas fully and memorably, using appropriate business concepts and terms.

I have included at least three or four details to support each main idea. Details include facts, statistics, examples, or personal experiences.

I have developed a cohesive and unified structure with effective use of paragraphing or grouping of information, logical connections, and transitional devices throughout.

I have presented my ideas in a clear order with my strongest argument last.

I included a strong statement in my conclusion that tells readers what to do—a call to action.

Language Use, Voice & Style
I have used precise, professional language to project a well-defined voice.

I have used well-structured and varied sentences.

I replaced general descriptive words with more specific descriptive words (specific nouns, vivid verbs, colorful modifiers, etc.).

P.S. !!!
This is how I started out:

Landscaping is a much needed field of service for the entire state of Florida. This is why Lawn Masters Manicure is destined to be a successful, residential service targeting middle and upper class homes in the Largo, Clearwater, and Pinellas Park areas of Tampa Bay, Florida.

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