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    Creating a lawn care company

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    Create a lawn care company profile and then follow the steps in a new-product strategy, describing each step and how it would be applied it to the company. Explain how it might move into the adoption phase (incorporating the diffusion process into the strategy).

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    The ideal is lawn-care. The company will provide lawn-care services. These services will be of the highest standard and at a reasonable rate. The company will provide value for money. The idea is innovative because apart from the standard package and usual services, the service will provide soil testing, lime application, and mowing services.

    Idea Generation stage: During this stage we will discuss what will be included in the services provided. For example, the service package will include fertilization, pre-emergence and post emergence weed control, and surface feeding insects. During the idea generation stage my company will also think about the strategy to be used. The strategy will be differentiation. The quality of services will be unique.

    Idea screening: During this stage we consider if the lawn-care service package will attract customers. Will the customers be satisfied with the three ...

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