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    Different Learning Outcomes, Instructional Objectives, and TOT

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    1.) How can good customer service be translated into different learning outcomes? Additionally, how do instructional objectives help learning to occur?

    2.) What could be done to increase the likelihood of transfer of training (TOT) if the work environment conditions are unfavorable and cannot be changed? What specific steps could the trainer, management and the employee take to help insure TOT? Is the employee also partially responsible for TOT?

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    1.) Changes in technology, federal and state regulations, and economic uncertainties all affect the risks organizations must take to remain competitive and to offer maximized value (Jensen, 1993). While risk taking is inevitable, an organization's value is made greater when it sets forth a sound strategy to find the optimal balance between growth and resource-use in aim of the organization's objectives. Simply, objectives and goals must be established in order to identify potential risks and threats to a company's reputation, longevity, or sustainability. Communicating with stakeholders about concerns and expectations surrounding risk management, and in-turn, responding to feedback can help to ensure a seamless flow of action and understanding between those making the policies and those responding to it. These marketing tactics work to eliminate risk and the occurrence of incidents ...

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    The different learning outcome, instructional objectives and TOT is examined.