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Computer-Mediated Learning Environments

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In this course, you are designing a self-instructional learning module with no access to the Internet. However, this module may also be used as part of a blended learning environment. In this online learning environment you would combine these self-instructional modules with other learning elements that learners would access thorough the Internet.

Describe how you might design an online environment to include both self-instructional and computer facilitated elements. Consider factors such as learner motivation, access to resources, group collaboration, maintenance, and any other relevant factors.

objectives: Define the requirements of a computer-mediated learning environment including learning outcomes, learner analysis, and objective specification.

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I think what they are asking for here is for you to put together an assignment that can be used with online instruction or in a traditional classroom setting--that is what is meant by blended. Many people are not teaching students online and in a traditional classroom at the same time, so those in the virtual world and those on campus are doing the same work, but in different ways.

To design an online environment to include both self-instructional and computer facilitated elements, you will firstly need extremely clear instructions to the learner. The learner will need to understand what is asked of them on a daily/weekly basis, especially if the instructor wants to see great learner motivation in the class. This comes from good course design, so when designing a course like this, it is good to have the modules easily marked and then steps for completion. Let's say you are having the students do a reading assignment, answer questions, work in a group to talk through the answers ...