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    Managing Customer Service

    Pricing Strategy

    As the articles mentioned, GMC and other auto manufactures have used pricing incentives extensively to sell vehicles. In Sep-Oct 2005, GMC and Ford tried a "value" pricing approach of lower price with little or no incentives, however sales dropped off and in Nov 2005 considerable price incentives were being offered again. Toyota

    Most appealing promotion types/ Internet pricing

    1-What type of promotions are most appealing to you? Are there certain products that you will only purchase when they are on sale or are being promoted? Explain. 2-When researching products on the Internet, or actually making an online purchase, how do you think Internet pricing compares with that of the traditional stores?

    Consumer Promotions

    What are the different types of Consumer Sales promotions and how do promotions tie into impacting the brand message. Give at an example of effective sales promotion and one that was not so effective? Discuss your answer from the IMC perspective .

    Different types of buyers and consumers

    What are the different types of buyers and consumers? How does the type of buyer or consumer impact marketing strategy? Consider the characteristics of buyers and the factors that influence their purchasing decision. How can an organization ensure that their market strategy is appropriate for their target market?

    Customer Service for the Organzation

    Regarding customer service, modern operations management assumes that: a. customer service is the job of marketing and sales; OM's responsibility is limited to providing the goods or services desired by final customers b. all operations managers should spend some time interacting directly with final customers. c. every

    Marketing-Buying Decision Process

    I have just opened my own coffee and sandwich shop in a shopping center. The shopping center is in an affluent suburban area and there are a number of professional offices (lawyers, accountants, consultants, doctor offices) in the local area. I specialize in coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and salads, and serve breakfast. I pla

    Training in customer service skills.

    You are the Training Director of the HR Department. Julie, the manager of your Customer Service Unit, has come to see you. She feels that her staff does not do a very good job of interacting professionally with customers when they call in with product complaints. She feels they need some training in customer service skills.

    Distribution Strategy and Consumer Behavior

    Questions 1. Explain the difference between grid layout and free-flow layout and give an example of each. 2. What is trade area analysis used for? Try to determine the trade area for an existing company, analyze it, and comment on your analysis. 3. Explain the difference between store image and store atmosphere. Documen

    Pricing Strategy and Consumer Behavior

    Questions 1.Which pricing strategies should not be pursued by companies? Why? Give a contemporary real life example of each of these pricing strategies. 2.What is meant by "reservation prices"? Which complex relationships need to be considered when pricing is viewed from this perspective? 3.What is a penetration pric

    Marketing Research/Buyer Behavior

    Please provide assistance with the following assignment. I am looking for ideas and a better understanding of each of the three tasks below. Thank you. --------------------------- Throughout the course, you will be developing a marketing research proposal. For this unit, complete the following tasks: ? Select a resear

    Ethical issues in advertising and promotion of junk food

    America is a fat nation in which almost 2/3rds of all Americans are overweight. This national weight problem is causing a variety of severe health problems in both adults and children. For example, four percent of adolescents now have Type II diabetes (which typically never effects youths). Among the reasons for this problem

    Analysis of Division Operations and Customer Service Levels

    You are the Operations Manager for a $50,000,000 (sales) subsidiary of a $750,000,000 corporation. You report to the Divisional Vice President. Your division produces industrial products that are used in the construction, maintenance, transportation, and equipment manufacturing industries. The other two divisions in your corpora

    10-13 question survey to collect primary data

    How do you prepare a 10-13 detailed question survey to collect primary data on a Hewlett-Packard Customer Service after hour team that has not been able to follow the process needed to serve the customer, as well as not able to take ownership of faults and management has done nothing for this to improve? This is an organizationa

    Needs, wants, and desires

    Please help with the following problem. What are "needs, wants, and demands? Do marketers create needs? Why or why not? Please use an experience and insight to support the answer.

    Sale Statement

    If someone does not build the value of her product in her prosepct's mind to the point where it is greater than the price asked, there will be no sale. Is this true?