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Needs, wants, and desires

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What are "needs, wants, and demands? Do marketers create needs? Why or why not? Please use an experience and insight to support the answer.

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This solution discusses needs, wants and desires.

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Needs - basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter. Then there are other needs that are not so basic but are psychological in nature such as the need to belong and to be loved. You can use Maslow's Hierarchy of needs for a complete definition- http://web.utk.edu/~gwynne/maslow.HTM
Things in this category include me saying that I need a place to sleep each night and I need to have food in order to keep alive on a daily basis.

Wants - things that we feel based on where we live and who are, that we have to have. I live in America where we don't have to cook food all the time and I don't like to cook so I want to go to a fast food restaurant and get fries and a shake. - Although these aren't essential to life and are obviously not needs since going to the ...

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