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    Customer service stratagies

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    1. Share a scenario of a company that did a great job of satisfying you (as a customer) and a scenario of a company that fell short of expectations.

    2. Explain how you would handle the unsatisfactory situation if it happened at your company.

    3. From attached document, give advice to the two customer experiences below and explain how you would handle those situations if they happened at your company.

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    Situation #1

    Last month I took my son on a trip to visit potential colleges. We were going to hit three states in one week, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada. I made our flight and hotel reservations and rented a car in each city through Hertz. I requested a GPS system in each rental car, as I was not familiar with the cities we were traveling to, and I'm not a good map reader or direction follower. My husband looked at our itinerary and asked why I had rented the cars through Hertz? "Because they have the Never Lost GPS system," I replied. Jim explained to me that several car rental places offer a GPS system, it just isn't called Never Lost, and he suggested I go online and check prices with Travelocity or Orbitz. I logged on to Travelocity, and discovered they had rental cars with GPS systems at half the price Hertz was charging. I cancelled my Hertz reservations and booked each car on line through Travelocity. I requested a GPS system in every vehicle; however my online receipt did not indicate a GPS system was included. I called Travelocity and the customer service person advised me that my reservation record did indicate a GPS system was requested. He advised me that if I had any problems at the rental car facilities, I should contact Travelocity immediately.

    Our first city was Denver. We arrived in a foot of snow. I was glad I had requested an SUV. Upon arrival at the rental car place, I signed all the paperwork, provided proof of insurance and a copy of my driver's license, and initialed the paperwork. My son loaded our suitcases into the back of the car. We got into the Durango and noticed there was no GPS system. We went back inside. The rental car staff advised us that none of the cars they rented were equipped with GPS systems. I called Travelocity. I was told by the Travelocity customer ...

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    This posting looks at two hypothetical situations when customer service issues occurred. It also presents two real life examples of situations where there was excellent customer service, and one when the customer service fell short.