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Customer's Wants, Needs, and Expectations

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Customers have many different wants, needs, and expectations. Should a tire store and a gourmet restaurant use the same methods for understanding their customers? How may their methods differ?

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When choosing your advertisement style and medium, there are three basic, but important questions that you need to ask:
1. Where are my target buyers?
2. What is the best medium to reach them?
3. Can I afford to launch an effective campaign using this medium?

Taking for example the tire shop and the gourmet restaurant, both businesses will have a different target audience and may use different methods for reaching their customers. However, when trying to find out about customers wants, needs, and expectations, companies can use similar methods such as customer response/feedback cards, online surveys, interviews, blogs, Social Media sites, etc. However, what will be different based on the two companies is their collection process. For example, the tire ...

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This solution is about 500 words in length and provides a detailed information on whether or not a tire store and a gourmet restaurant use the same methods for understanding their customers and explains how their methods differ from each other.

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