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    Cycle Time in Operations Management

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    I'm seeking some direction on these questions, our text doesn't exact specific answers for these:

    What are the differences between customer requirements and expectations?

    How do you develop a measuring strategy?

    What are the benefits of process, design, and management?

    How would you measure and reduce cycle time?

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    Customer requirement
    Customer requirement relates to the needs of the customer. A marketer determines the requirements and tries to fulfill it. He defines and identifies the customer's requirements, to include VOC, (voice of the customer), data, and expectations converted into a measurable expression and used to ensure process compliance with the customers' needs.
    This is an ongoing matter and needs to be updated as the customer's requirements change. Data is traditionally collected using customer surveys and the like.

    When it comes to customer expectations, then, the three elements of delivering killer customer care are:
     Effectively setting expectations for customers' experiences
     Understanding all of the expectations your customers bring to their transactions
     Delivering on your customers' expectations explicitly.
    Expectations usually relate to the experience that the customer expects from an existing product. The marketer needs to manage customer expectations.
    How do you develop a measuring strategy?
    A clear plan for using quality measurement is a prerequisite to a successful quality measurement strategy. An established plan helps ensure that decisions are made with the project purpose in mind. When developing a quality measurement strategy, consultation with all stakeholders can help identify areas of interest.
    How is a measurement strategy developed? First, the criteria that are to be used for measurement need to be identified. Then a weigh needs to be given to each criteria so that the weights add up to 1. Then each criteria is given a rating between 1 and 5. The parties involved in the measurement process sign ...

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    What are the benefits of process, design, and management?