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    Improvements to Customer Service

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    Please help me with an assignment by discussing the following topic:

    Briefly describe a service operation with which you have received poor service from (e.g., waiting too long in the checkout line, poor communication of a backordered items, etc.) and make at least three recommendations on how this service operation could improve its scheduling practices. Provide specific examples of how your recommendation will improve customer satisfaction and the operation's bottom line.

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    I went to the doctor's recently and was disappointed with the service. I arrived at my appointment on time, and went to the reception desk. There were three staff members at the desk, but rather than greet me, they failed to make eye contact. A clipboard was at the desk that instructed me to sign in. Upon doing so, one of the people at the front desk looked up and said "Insurance card?" I handed it to her, she made a copy, handed ...

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