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Porter's Generic Strategies

Porters' Generic Strategies

Nikon (cameras)

1. Which of the 3 generic competitive strategies is followed by
Nikon (cameras)

2. Explain why you believe this to be the case. Cite as appropriate

2. How has following this strategy helped the company be successful?

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1. Nikon is focusing on the customer and in doing so is making incremental improvements across technology, human resources, and processes. Nikon uses service as the cornerstone with customer experience and it aims to meet the needs of its customers while also cutting costs, increasing revenues, and keeping competitors at a distance.

Source: http://www.ianbrooks.com/useful-ideas/articles_whitepapers/Turning%20customer%20experiences%20into%20a%20competitive%20edge.pdf

In terms of Porter's Generic Strategies, Nikon's approach fits within the differentiation strategy. ...

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Uses Porter's Generic Strategies to analyze Nikon camera company. Includes references.