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Complaining Customer Case Study

Write a case study following these outline.

1. Identification of the Issues

2. External Analysis

3. Internal Analysis

4. Alternatives

5. Decisions and Implementation

6. Measuring Results

300 Words limit.
Bullet Points only.


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write a case study following these outline

1. Identification of the Issues
?The issues are:
1. A customer did not get his dry cleaned clothes in time;
2. He could not be given information about the reason why his lost clothes were not available.
3. He was a regular customer but was dissatisfied with the new customer system.
4. He was displeased with the need to buy a bag every time he dropped his clothes for laundry.
5. Should Presto give the customer the compensation demanded by him for the hardship suffered?
2. External Analysis:
The external analysis relates to the opportunities and threats to Presto. The customer Mr. Sewickley is an old time customer of Presto. His opinion plays an important part in the locality. He has suffered because of a mistake on the part of Presto. The hardship that he has suffered cannot be measured in terms of money. If Sewickley is compensated, not only does an old customer return to Presto, it also provides Presto an opportunity to build its reputation ...

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