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problem with many health care facilities

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Facility: Any healthcare setting

Issue: Physicians, patients, and staff are complaining that because of a scheduling system, 'wait time' is extremely long. The new CEO encourages staff throughout the organization to be innovative and experimental. She views this as a means to empower staff. The supervisor of one of the departments involved does not welcome new ideas. She is not a risk taker and views the issue as something that always was and always will be.

You are part of a team tasked with resolving the issue. The other team members are excited about being a part of the process but are concerned that they may not get cooperation from some of the stakeholders from whom they will need information. The team is also concerned that the CEO may not support them if the supervisor resists their proposed changes and refuses to engage in the process. Trust of the previous CEO was minimal. He made all decisions by himself and communicated only that which suited him.

The director of human resources recently provided an in service on respect, communication, and engaging in participative decision making as they relate to the workplace environment. Your team has decided to ask her for help them with the process of completing their task.

I discuss the above situation in detail.

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This job cites problems with many health care facilities.

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The problem with many health care facilities is that they do not operate by a Just in Time or JIT policy. They do not regard the customer as king, although some would argue that they need to devote the maximum time available to each patient hence increasing the waiting time. The supervisor is very autocratic and her attitude borders on rude and dictatorial. She is extremely ...

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