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Long Term healthcare facilities

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Short essay on the perception of what administrators deal with the most in their positions in long-term care facilities. Need to develop three issues with which administrators deal the most. Please provide detailed reasons why you perceive that your topics are hot topics for administration.

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Our long term healthcare system has components in dire need of change to produce more effective, less costly outcomes. There are several issues affecting long term health care in this country such as staffing shortages and increased demand due to the longevity of the population and baby boomers entering retiring age. There also seems to be great hesitance to have end of life discussions and slow transfers to hospice.

Caregivers, or aides, LPN's and RN's are in high demand to work in long term care facilities. On a side note, it is interesting to note that our Nation has developed a more "politically correct" name to the previous "Nursing Home." Now, you seldom hear that term, but Assisted Living, Extended Living, Long Term Care, etc. instead " Nursing homes" received such a poor reputation for the high reports of abuse, neglect, and poor living conditions, I think it was necessary to save the public from thinking of the stigma associated with "sticking grandma in a nursing home." Indeed, these are the same facilities.

"Facilities must have sufficient nursing staff to provide nursing and related services to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of residents" (Harrington, Carrillo, & Blank, 2008). While nursing shortages are only reported in approximately 3% of facilities nationwide, most facilities resort to paying agencies to staff their units, which is significantly more costly for them. "Hospital-based nursing homes may have higher quality of care because they have more Medicare patients, have higher staffing levels, and/or are more likely to be non-profit in ownership (Harrington, Carrillo, & Blank, 2008).

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Administration Issues with LTC facilities

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