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Long Term Care Facility - Healthcare

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Will you please enumerate what duties of a facility you find to be paramount and why and please state reasons for priorities and where you feel these duties clash?

Why and how should this conflict be resolved?

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1. “Will you please enumerate what duties of a facility you find to be paramount…”

This, in part, dependent on the specific long term facility, the organizations policies, and the formulated Resident Bill of Rights that must be posted at the facility. However, most long-term facilities have legislature that provides a guideline for the duties that are required to provide quality care to the residents, which is the goal of long-term care facilities. For example, see attachment for the Ontario Health Care System and the legislature that provides laws and regulations for the long-term facilities.

For Long-Term care in Ontario, the following general duties are paramount (the services provided).

1). All long-term care facilities offer 24-hour supervision and nursing care.
2). The basic package includes the following services:
• Furnishings (e.g. bed, chair), meals (including special diets), bed linens and laundry, personal hygiene supplies, medical/clinical supplies and devices (e.g. walkers, wheelchairs for occasional use), housekeeping, pastoral services, social and recreational programs, medication administration, and assistance with the essential activities of daily living.
• Nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis and access to a physician, and other health professionals.
3). Optional services are usually available for a fee. They may include hairdressing, cable TV and telephone services, transportation, etc.
4). Facilities must prepare a "plan of care" for each resident, outlining the care requirements and levels of service offered. This plan must be reviewed at least every three months and adapted as your needs change. (http://www.health.gov.on.ca/english/public/program/ltc/5_glossary.html).

More specifically, the following duties are important (see website http://www.ltccareers.com/english/careers_dietary.asp for more details on each):


Environmental Services

Medical Services

Nursing Services

Nursing Support Services

Nutrition Management / Food Services

Recreation & Activation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Social Work Services / Admissions Services

Other areas that are paramount (excerpt from the table of contents of the Long-Term Care Act, 1994 http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/DBLaws/Statutes/English/94l26_e.htm#BK4 and ...

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This solution discusses the duties of a long term healthcare care facility that are necessary, including why and how these duties might clash. It also discusses why and how should this conflict be resolved. Supplemented with an example of a long term healthcare facility and the duties necessary for this facility.

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