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    Invest in a short term or long term care facility

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    There are a variety of different types of nonhospital clinic and care facilities. My hospital system is deciding to expand operations by adding a nonhospital clinic or care facility. The chief executive officer (CEO) has asked me to perform preliminary research and deliver a presentation to the executive team during our upcoming strategic planning meeting to consider possible alternatives.

    I need to describe 1 long-term care and 1 short-term care facility, with focus on credentialing, marketing, ethical, and corporate structure concerns.
    I have to use PowerPoint presentation of 15 slides on the strengths and weaknesses of the 2 options.

    My presentation has to demonstrate the following:
    •What are the differences in long- and short-term care facilities?
    •How are they financed?
    •What are the administrative concerns that I would have as a manager of each of these?
    •What recommendations should I make to help the executive team in its decision-making process?

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    Attached are the talking points around which you should develop your presentation to the executive team which are arranged in the form of powerpoint slides,
    The slides provide a ...

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    The slides present key points to guide a student in going about deciding on which alternative type of healthcare facility type to choose when faced with the challenge of making this decision.
    The guiding principles are meant to stimulate thought and highlight areas for further study in order to investigate the differentiating properties further and come up with an objective decision.