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    skilled nursing facility

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    Your neighbor Sandra Jenkins calls you seeking advice concerning long term care decisions for her parents Jon and Elaine. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are retired. Mr. Jenkins is much older than his wife and has considerable limitations in his ability to function. He can not make it through the day without help. Mrs. Jenkins is in relatively good health.

    They are thinking about selling their home and moving Mr. Jenkins into a Skilled Nursing Facility. Mrs. Jenkins will then move into a local continuing care retirement center. Sandra knows nothing about health care delivery or long term care, and has some concerns about both of her parents. She asks you to provide her information about Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers, the advantages and disadvantages of Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers as well as information that would allow her to assist her parents with decision-making. What advice can you provide Sandra?

    Your ability to apply your knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers to provide information to assist in the case scenario.

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    A skilled nursing facility provides complete care of an individual who can no longer care for his or herself. This includes assistance with activities of daily living, as well as with medical care. Some skilled facilities will encourage residents to do as much as they can for themselves, for as long as they can. Advantages of a skilled facility are round the clock care and coordinated care, which is often spelled out in a formal plan by nursing staff. Staff are also in constant contact with physicians. Decisions about treatment can be made very quickly and staff can quickly implement new orders for treatment. Many facilities will also include ...

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