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5 Cs of Success for Running a Nursing Facility

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Please explain the five Cs of success in running a skilled nursing facility business: Care, Census, Cost, Cash and Culture.

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The five Cs of success for running a nursing facility are determined.

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The five Cs of success for a skilled nursing facility: Care; census, cost, cash, and culture are inter-related in many ways, though each has a different effect on performance. Care refers to the level of services provided by staff in the skilled nursing facility. Registered nurses, practical or vocational nurses, and nurse aides typically provide most of the care of patients. Physicians may provide care in terms of monitoring specific health conditions and ordering treatment to address health issues. However, if the facility decides to expand services physical and occupational therapists may also be directly involved in care. The facility may also make decisions about the type of care offered, such as care of patients with Alzheimer's Disease, Hospice Care, and other special needs. Care also implies that a patient will get everything needed to make life as comfortable as possible and to maintain optimal health. For instance, a patient that has become less mobile will get an air ...

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