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Challenges to Acute and Nonacute Care Facilities

Identify an acute care facility and a non-acute health care facility in your area. Identify challenges they face in regards to collecting data, the type of data they are responsible for collecting, what their job duties are, and what type of patients they provide care.

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Acute care facilities provide treatment and care for patients with sudden or unexpected illnesses or injuries that may lead to death. Nonacute care facility includes home health care, long term care, residential care, hospice, extended care, rehabilitation, nursing home,adult day care, and geriatric care.

Acute Care facility -
Corona regional medical center is an acute care and medical center that has been serving Corona and surrounding areas since 1933.

The challenges that all acute care hospitals and facilities faces are the demand for highly specialized services has increased. The US population is constantly aging and the elderly tend to need more acute care services. Because many people lack health ...

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This solution defines both types of care and outlines 5 challenges acute care facilities face in today's world, and 3 that nonacute care facilities must cope with. 400+ words and a reference included.