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    Winter Storm Challenges and Health

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    Question: What challenges do public health officials face during a long-term power outage following a winter storm?

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    Whenever there is a winter storm, public health officials can face many challenges during a long term power outage. Among the challenges that they can face are that they need to coordinate "the development of an action plan to address community health needs. They must use a strategy to " ensure the continuity of health care services (acute emergency care, primary care, and preventive care)." They must "monitor the environmental infrastructure (water, sanitation, and vector control)." They must "assess the needs of special populations ( e.g. Elderly, disabled, homebound, and non-English speaking)." The public official must "initiate injury prevention and surveillance programs." They must be able to ensure that facilities ( hospitals, physician offices, storage sites for health supplies, ambulance stations, ...

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    Public health officers are faced with many challenges and precautions to prevent damages and dangers caused by a winter storm in hospital settings. This solution provides a discussion on this topic.