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Binomial Probability of Snow Storms

4a. If the probability of a snow storm producing over 20 inches of snow in Easton, PA in a given winter is .33, what is the probabilty that over a period of 10 winters-they will have had 2 winters with such a storm? (Note-by using the binomial distribution for this problem, we're assuming that a success is a winter with a snowstorm of greater than 20 inches. It doesn't take into account that in reality there could be more than 1 such storm in any given year.)

4b What exact number of winters with a snowstorm over 20 inches (success) do you expect to have the greatest probability of occurring? (your answer should be from 0 through 10)

4c Once you have recorded your guess-perform the same probabiliy calculations for 0, 1, 3, and 4 winters.

4d Which did you find to have the highest probability?

4e *Thinking question* How would you explain why this number of storms had the highest probability?

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