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Climate and Topography Effects on Business

Climate and Topography Analysis

Make a list of five different industries (e.g., tourism, auto manufacturing, apparel). Describe how climate and topography impacts business operations in each of these industries.

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My five would be tourism, boat building, oil drilling, car racing, and veterinarians.

Tourism is most affected by climate. In warmer climates there are the differences in temperature, humidity, drought, and storms. Shift in weather can also affect cold climate tourism by either being not cold enough or too cold or wet. Not cold enough or dry conditions can prevent snowfall that is necessary for lodges and other tourist centers that depend on snow and cold for business. Too much snow can prevent people from coming into the area or leaving, or can provide a wetter snow that people do not enjoy. Warmer climates can feature major storms such as hurricanes. Topography can make a beach area attractive, but nearby mountains, cliffs, rocks, or granite can prevent people from using the beaches. Navigating through such areas can be difficult. Reefs, barrier islands, sand bars, and rip currents can also mean tourists will not find the area palatable for visiting.

Boat builders can find better or worse conditions for their products facing many of the same problems as tourism. Changes in lakes and rivers are not uncommon during floods or droughts. The shape and size of a lake can change dramatically and the type of boat used will as well. In Florida, there have been a number of droughts and the size, depth, shape, and features of most lakes and some rivers have changed. The prevalence of ski boats or racing boats has changed significantly with more flat bottom boats like skiffs and canoes in evidence. In some rivers, pleasure and fishing boats are smaller than formerly found in many areas. Changes in barrier islands, reefs, shelves in the ocean surface or other large bodies of water like seas, can affect the number of fishing and larger boats needed. Changes in ship channels due to dredging, new bridges, mud and rock slides, can affect the ability of ship builders to get their products in and out of the marinas they work in. The shape of shorelines change ...

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A discussion on how climate and topography affect five different businesses from different industries. Five industries discussed are tourism, racing, boat building, veternarians, and oil drilling. This solution is 1353 words.