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    Disaster Communication

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    I need help answering the following questions.

    1.Critically assess the delivery of communications to general public during a public health event that happened after the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza.

    2.What were the roles of the local, state and federal health authorities, as well as the media?

    3.What was the impact of social media in the event?

    Also, I need to summarize the event in 2-3 sentences, and identify a specific event (NOT H1N1), and to provide a link to the story.

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    In October of 2013, a weather system described as an impending Atlantic storm made its
    way up the Atlantic coast toward the shores starting in the Caribbean Sea. To record at 940
    millibars, it had the lowest recorded pressure of any storm since tracking began. As this storm
    began the path of destruction through the tropics and then on to the coast of New Jersey, there
    were 117 deaths in the United States and 69 in other countries including Canada.

    Communication to the public was unusual because many people knew about this storm
    before it made landfall but discounted it as a minor hurricane. The northeastern shores of the
    United States have been used to storms of a major caliber and from ...

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