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Five Types of Complainers and Four Complaints

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Please answer the following and provide a reference that is not a website. Please provide at least one to two paragraphs. Thank you,

Review the five types of customer complainers and the four types of complaints. Then, below describe a time when you did not "complain" - What caused you not to provide this feedback?

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The first type of complainer is the meek complainer who often refrains from complaining. Usually, such a complainer should be apologized to. The second type of complainer is the aggressive complainer who is deafening and makes elaborate complaints. The response should be an acknowledgement of the complaint and the steps that will be taken to resolve it. The third type of complainer is the high roller complainer who wants the best product/service and wants to pay for it. The response should be to listen carefully, acknowledge the problem, and correct the problem. The fourth type of complainer is the opportunist customer who seeks to gain some benefit from the complaint. The customer seeks an opportunity to get ...

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This solution explains four types of complaints and five types of complainers. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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