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Workplace Relationships Discussed

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Provide a short explanation of a workplace relationship of the chronic complainer that was not as positive as you desired Describe how you can or could have chosen differently to perhaps generate a more effective outcome.

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Workplace relationships are briefly summarized.

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As you summarize a difficult co worker, here is a scenario to consider:

Amanda is a first year editor. She arrives late to work daily, coffee in hand, chomping on gum, and constantly complains about deadlines, topics given, the caliber and quality of others' articles, etc. Instead of working diligently, she constantly texts, takes personal calls, and spends 1 hour instead of the regulation 30 minute lunch. Her complaints not only resonate during work hours but also she posts numerous Facebook and Twitter rants about how much she loathes her job, the colleagues, and even the company's CEO.

Instead of thinking rationally, Mark, another co-worker, posts a nasty retort on her Facebook wall after ...

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