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Controlling Consensual Workplace Romances

What are methods used to control consensual relationships in companies? The solution is about 330 words and includes two references.

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Most organizations take one of two approaches in controlling consensual relationships in the workplace: managing risk by having a consensual relationship policy or choosing to ignore the behavior altogether. The typical 8-hour workday results in employees spending a third of their day with peers. With lunch periods and breaks, employees often socially during the workday and it is only natural that discussions will encompass personal topics. Statistics reflect that four out of 10 relationships which started from a workplace romance end in ...

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This solution is about 330 words, with two references, addressing methodologies that companies use in trying to control (if at all) consensual relationships that occur in the workplace. Some companies try to "ban" altogether; while others attempt to control via a "Love Contract" signed by the parties involved.