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    Service Providers Managing Queues

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    How do service providers with which you are familiar manage queues? How effective have they been at managing queues? Do you believe the appropriate method for managing queues is currently being utilized?

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    We all are aware of the fact of the increasing population of the world, which has confronted most service providers with the problem of increase in their queue length. In the present competitive business environment, additional customers intend extra business proceedings. Generally there are a number of ways through which a service provider can attract its customers but an effective queuing system plays a significant function as it abbreviates waiting time of a customer, which is the prominent problem most customers are complaining about presently. Application of a queuing system by a service provider can make its customers happy and with the pleasure that customer will receive the company can be assured that he will come back again to use their service.

    McDonald's as a Service Provider

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    This solution of 507 words uses the case study of McDonald's to explain how service providers manage queues with different methods.