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    Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Campaign for Starbuck's

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    Select a product with which you are familiar. Research the company for the campaign that supports that product. Prepare a paper, in which you examine the key elements of this advertising, including:

    What is the advertising message?
    To who is it directed?
    What is the relationship between consumer behavior and target markets?
    How is the product positioned?
    In what advertising media have you seen this product?
    What changes would you make in the product positioning and the advertising message?
    Research how this advertising was created (i.e. In house, outsourced, agency, etc)?
    Is this an effective use of resources?
    Based on your readings, what would you suggest to make the campaign more effective?

    Be sure to properly cite your references using the APA format.

    Please provide all references.

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    Advertising of Starbuck's


    Starbucks is a well-known global coffee and coffeehouse chain. The company is founded in Seattle, Washington, United States. All over the world, Starbucks is the leading coffeehouse company. It operates all over the world with more than 16,600 coffee shops in around 50 countries. The company's outlets serve various types of coffee drinks and food items and along with these it also serves roasted beans, coffee accessories and teas (Company Profile, 2010). The company distributes its coffee and other products through grocery stores and permits its brand for other food and beverage products.

    The company is famous for selling drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, various other hot and cold drinks, snacks, coffee beans, hot and cold sandwiches and Panini, salads, pastry, and items like mugs and tumblers. In addition to its coffee services the company also operates its own Entertainment division and Hear Music brand along with the services like offering books, music and film. Most of the company's products and services are seasonal and some of them are explicit to the position of the store.

    The company's aim is to serve its customers with the best and most excellent coffee. The company management believes in growing coffee with the uppermost standards of quality, by means of ethical trading and liable growing exercises (Company Profile, 2010). In addition to this, the company also concentrates on its advertising in a prolific manner. Here, in this paper the product selected for the discussion of advertising is "coffee served" by Starbuck's. The analysis of its advertising will result in an improvement in its various advertising campaigns.

    Advertising Message

    "If your coffee is not perfect, we will make it over. If it is still not perfect make sure you are in a Starbucks. It's not just coffee it's Starbucks."

    This message evidences the actual attributes and features provided by Starbucks in the form of its coffee. Usually individuals look for some beverages when they are tired or want some relaxation and at that time if they have a good hot or cold coffee, they may feel much more relaxed. Coffee served by Starbuck's is worth in all its aspects as it provides all essential nutrition required in a beverage (Our Company, 2010). This message of the company shows that if a customer want a good coffee it can only get it at Starbucks as it provides all essential nutritious ...

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    The effective advertising planning and implementation campaign for Starbucks is examined.