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Conflict, responding to customer service complaints

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In your second week, you arrive at work to find the following e-mail from a subordinate in your inbox:

I was offended by your email accusing me of unprofessional and untimely conduct while handling service calls from clients. The client called while I was on break, and company policy indicates that I donâ??t have to handle client requests during break. I strongly suggest that you and our clients get a life.

To set a more positive tone and to ensure open and friendly communications, you decide to draft a one page memo to be sent to your Team and boss addressing the need for using appropriate tone, content, and awareness of audience in writing an inter office e-mail.

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To: Team Members, George H, Supervising Manager

Re: Emails

Good Morning!

This memo is to aid you all in the professional use of email. The company has established policies, which can be found in the employee handbook, but I want to make sure that our department is presenting itself as both professional and positive.

Emails are correspondence and while they can be more time effective and useful, they do have drawbacks. The ...

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Conflicts in responding to customer service complaints is examined.