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    You have just taken a management position with Wannamaker's Widgets Inc. They have approximately 50 employees. At the latest company results meeting, Wayne Wannamaker reveals to the employees that they have a lot of problems: poor product quality with some of the widgets, late product delivery, internal bickering and conflict, poor relationships with their suppliers, and poor customer service with loads of complaints!

    He wants to implement some type of quality plan as a PR boost, but says he really doesn't think these quality plans are worth the paper they are written on. Besides that, his employees all ready have too much to do without worrying about some silly quality solution. Lottie Loudmouth blurts out that you have some expertise with TQM having taken a course at UOP. Mr. Wannamaker hears this and decides that you should put together a presentation to convince himself and the employees that TQM would be a good, viable solution for the company. Keep in mind with your approach that you are trying to convert Mr. Wannamaker. Don't bore him to sleep with long lists, but come up with some viable solutions for his problems! Give him a taste of TQM, the details can unfold at your next meeting if you get his buy in.

    Put together a persuasive paper that will convince Wannamaker's Widgets that TQM would be a vast improvement for the company.

    Be creative, fabricate any pertinent information you may decide to use!

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    TQM will be extremely beneficial for our company as a company wide TQM plan will minimize and even eliminate all of the problems mentioned during the meeting. TQM, if embedded into the corporate culture of the company, will ensure that the company will be able to transform into a quality focused organization that exceeds customer's expectations in terms of quality and customer service.

    In order to attain the desired objectives of the TQM plan, it is essential that quality culture is being embraced throughout the organization and quality becomes an inherent part of all organizational processes. Further, top management and senior employees will need to support this initiative and convince employees at all levels to embrace this change.

    TQM initiative works like a vicious circle in eliminating organizational issues. Let us try to understand this with out organizational problems. The problems mentioned during the meeting such as quality issues, ...

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    Put together a persuasive paper that will convince Wannamaker's Widgets that TQM would be a vast improvement for the company.