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    E-Marketing Tools used by CarsDirect.com

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    The goal of this section is to describe Internet marketing tools used by the following website and to include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site. (CarsDirect.com)

    Please discuss info about the website in the following areas:

    Marketing tools.
    Describe the Internet marketing tools used by this website.
    Customer service.
    Include an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by this website.

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    Carsdirect.com has become a leading online e-commerce retailer. They have been quick to adapt to a changing market place and have carved out niche for consumers looking to purchase vehicles with out having to first go to a show room. Carsdirect.com has been employing several marketing tools in the new electronic age. First: they have built and actively manage a huge customer database. In the era of scarce customers, companies need to capture the names of and as much useful information as possible about potentially ...

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    The solution examines e-marketing tools used by CarsDirect.com.