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    E-Business Website - carsdirect.com

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    The project is to select e-business website and analyze it in term of the 'Look & Feel' - Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of the website.

    Please use the following site:

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    The designers of the website carsdirect.com have attempted to make the buying process as simple and direct as possible for the consumer. Carsdirect.com is weaving its own tapestry of marketing qualities and activities to carve a niche market in which they are the leader. The web site itself is relatively easy to use which caters to a more broad market who may be considering purchasing a car for the first time with the help of the internet.
    The splash page is very simple in design and the consumer has only two initial choices: Make of the Vehicle and Model of the Vehicle. The consumer is also given details regarding Carsdirect.com's pricing policy which is similar to CarMaxx's no haggle pricing. Many consumers seem to like this rather ...

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    The expert selects an e-business website and analysis it in terms of the Look and Feel.