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    Considerations for an E-business

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    A travel e-business that specializes in planning golf vacations has plans to offer its trips to customers around the globe. Suggest two considerations of such a move.

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    "E-commerce is defined as the process of buying and selling or exchanging products, services and information via computer networks including the Internet" (Turban, Lee, King, & Chung, 2000). The popularity of e-commerce has increased dramatically throughout the years; however, many individuals underestimate the complexity associated with E-commerce. While the world economy has come together due to the creation of the Internet and business processes have been simplified, there are still advantages and disadvantages to E-commerce. Researchers, theorists, scholars, and even bloggers have written about the difficulties associated with travel and tourism in relationship to E-commerce. The Internet is such an appealing source for business, specifically considering the fact that it reaches a very broad audience. Yet, very few business owners consider some of the significant drawbacks associated with E-Commerce. In terms of this specific problem, I am offering a few cons ...

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    This solution provides information regarding questions that should be addressed by businesses, specifically in terms of developing eCommerce websites. In addition to discussing the definition of eCommerce, this solution outlines the various eCommerce considerations that must be addressed before proceeding forward with this method of business.