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Supply Chain [SC] and Operations Management [OM]

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1) Explain how a service supply chain is similar to a manufacturing supply chain?

2) Second [I have been accused by students that this is a trick question], the last item refers to the challenge of returns, or as not discussed, customer complaints and refusal to pay in a service business. The question is what is the very best way to deal with this challenge?

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The Service and Manufacturing supply chains both have the following critical features:

1. Like in manufacturing, services also it is crucial to get the right quality of input, which in case of services is exact knowledge about the vital inputs and their sourcing to make service up to satisfaction of customer.
2. Customer is focal point of both manufacturing and services and creating service exactly according to his satisfaction is the central theme in both services and manufacturing. ...

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The solution explains how service chain is similar to a manufacturing supply chain. The best way of dealing with a challenge is given.