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    Should salespeople be familiar with their customers' marketing plans?

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    Salespeople & Customers

    It is sometimes said that salespeople should be familiar with their customers' marketing plans (e.g. understanding the customers' competitors and customers). Of what use would this information be to the salesperson? Discuss.

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    Salespeople must sell differently since today's customers buy differently. They must understand what the customers are looking for so that they can better serve their needs. If salespeople know that customers are not very much concerned with price but with great long term relationships, then they will be able to give them what they need by being reliable and professional in the way they transact business to better serve them and their needs.

    It is important to list down the obvious competitors and to do a little research to figure out what ...

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    The solution discusses the importance of a salesperson's learning about the customers' marketing plans. References are included.