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    The significance of product knowledge

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    Sales people need to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the product or service they sell. All sales training programs emphasize the importance of product knowledge; however, in this article certain additional aspects of product knowledge have been identified that go beyond the conventional approach of knowing the product features and benefits.

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    Beyond Product Features and Benefits

    Most of the literature written on selling skills and the gurus of sales emphasize the importance of product knowledge as a key to sales success. Salespeople are always advised to have thorough knowledge about their product or service before they go out to meet their customers. Most sales training programs cover the topic of product knowledge and talk about the concept of product features and benefits. The common belief is that customers buy benefits, not the features, and salespeople must have the skill to present the features of their product or service in the form of a benefit to their customers. This is, no doubt, a very strong concept and salespeople must have the ability to differentiate between product features and benefits and incorporate this information in their sales presentation. However, in order to achieve high level of sales success, salespeople have to go beyond product features and benefits and must understand many additional things about their products that may be critical for their customers' purchase decision. Let's look at some of the steps salespeople can take in order to gain greater knowledge about their products and sell them more effectively.

    Explore the Invisible Attributes of Your Product

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    Salespeople can achieve high level of success in their profession if they possess adequate knowledge about their product and services. It may not be enough to be aware of products' features and benefit, rather they should look for all possible hidden attributes of their product or service which may be critical for buyers' purchase decision. In this article you will find some useful tips about how to discover your products hidden potentials and how to use them in your sales presentations.