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    Hypothesis : Consumer preference

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    A test was conducted to determine whether gender of a spokesperson affected the likelihood that consumers would prefer a new product. A survey of consumers at a trade show employing a female spokesperson determined that 60 out of 200 customers preferred the product, while 72 of 180 customers preferred the product when a male spokesperson was employed. At the 0.05 level of significance, do the samples provide sufficient evidence to indicate that on the average, fewer consumers prefer a new product when the spokesperson is female?

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    n1 =200,p1 =60/200=0.3 (In case of a female spokesman)
    n2 =180,p2 =72/180=0.4 (In case of a male ...

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    Solution describes hypothesis testing for proportions. Hypothesis is that fewer consumers prefer a new product when spokesman is female. Significance level is 5%.