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International Business Management

International Operations Management

1. What are process flow structures? What structure does your organization rely on the most? How effective has the structure been in achieving organizational goals? 2. What are some factors that affect global business processes? How would these factors affect development of new processes? How are those factors different from

Reinsurance Group of America and Fonterra: Going for Unified Global Operations

See attached files. Case Study Questions - no citations required 1. What is the business value of these global systems developments for the companies mentioned in the case? How did they achieve these benefits? What were the major obstacles they had to overcome? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a full-b

Implementing a Best Buy in Taiwan

I am trying to implement Best Buy in Taiwan. (a company like best Buy) I need to get some research based on the following: In the government or politics? Benefits to locating in the country Liabilities to locating, and Potential solutions or mitigation to these liabilities Marketing considerations Employment manageme

Implementing decisions in global organizations

What considerations are important when implementing decisions in global organizations? Why do ethical standards vary from country to country? What are some standard business practices in America, which could be seen as unethical in other countries?

Knowledge Management (KM) and R&D

You are the global subsidiary branch manager of a U.S.-based MNE, Leather Extraordinaire, which manufactures leather goods. The Latin American division exports the largest volume of goods due to the high quality of leather and cheap labor, of which the majority is produced in Argentina. The Argentine subsidiary is proposing to H

Types of people who tend to become involved in social movements.

What kinds of people tend to become involved in movements, as contributors, elders, or sympathizers? Why do you think they became involved? Has a movement organization ever asked you to donate money or time to work for a cause? Did you? Why or why not? For those you found appealing, were there barriers to your participation? Wha

Fundamental economic concept of opportunity costs

Production Possibilities Curve The Production Possibilities Curve is an economic model that is used to represent many economic concepts such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and efficiency. Required Case Readings: Rittenberg L. and T. Tregarthen (2009). Chapter 1 (sections 1-3): Economics: The Study of Choice Princip

Research international business and ethical standards.

Some individuals who are engaged in international business transactions have reported a cultural component to ethics. You are working on opening a branch of a food distribution operation in a foreign country, and a local official suggests that a little cash would help your company get started. Research international business

Working Economic Stimulus; Global Warming, Fact or Fiction

After the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his work and efforts to raise awareness about global warming, he was asked to prepare a white paper on the subject. To enhance his credibility, he plans to present points and counterpoints to the subject. For the subject of Global Warming: Fact or Ficti

Essential Requirements for Crisis Management

Three essential requirements for managing the aftermath of a natural disaster are: a leader, a strategic platform for decision making, and a means to communicate. Identify a specific, famous natural disaster, and evaluate how the disaster was handled utilizing the three aforementioned requirements. Do you believe the acts of

The Five Characteristics of a Living System

I need help with some questions... 1. Explain the five (5) characteristics of a living system describing how each can be manifested in a viable organization 2. Explain how the Performance Technology Landscape model, the barriers and success factors for teaming, role sets and performance requirements integrate with the

Sharpe vs Treynor Measure for Diverse Portfolios with Known Beta

If an investor is able to determine a global beta for his portfolio and holds a portfolio that is well-diversified with international investments, which performance measure is more appropriate, the Sharpe Measure or the Treynor Measure? Why? Explain each performance measure.

Crisis Management: Identify Key Threats to Safety of Employees

Identify and describe three key threats to the safety of employees in your particular employment setting. What could you do as an organizational leader to mitigate these threats? Can these threats be the success or failure of the foundation of safety in organizations.

Debt ceiling crisis affect to international business environment

Recently the U.S. went through a Debt ceiling crisis which ultimately led to a downgrade of the credit rating of the country. Research and provide a detailed account of the crisis. Explain how the crisis could affect the international business environment for not only the U.S. but the rest of the world.

Business Concept, Crisis management

Enron hid debt in secret accounts. Johnson and Johnson removed all Tylenol from shelves when the integrity of the product was questioned. What business concept discussed in this course does this relate to? I would say the following; it most closely relates to crisis management albeit the immoral and possibly illegal ...

International Business: Global and Cultural Models

1. Analyze the constraints that exist in the global marketplace, and discuss how language can be a starting point for misunderstanding. 2. Compare and contrast the Classification of Cultures Model, the Global Business Practices Model, and the Inner-Outer Circle Model.

What are some issues and trends in global sociocultural issues?

What are some issues and trends in global sociocultural issues? Why must a company be sensitive to the sociocultural environment within the host country? What affect does sociocultural sensitivity have on a company's operations or sales within a host country? One of the issues that are global and sociocultural is the...

Case Study for Mike Gillespie Invest

Based on the attached Case Study... Should Mike Gillespie invest in a new factory in Indonesia? If yes, should he do it alone or through a joint venture? Should he transport Lincoln's unique corporate culture to Indonesia? Why or why not?

Can Knowledge Management Systems Help Pfizer

Read the case study very carefully. Your task will be to answer all the questions in detail. Please be descriptive in your answers. All the same, try to make them to-the-point and succinct. 1.What are the business goals of SFPUC? How is knowledge management related to those goals? 2.What were some of the challenges faced b