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    International Business Management

    Middle Class and MPI

    1.Read the McKinsey Quarterly article "Capturing the world's emerging middle class" and answers the following questions:( attached is the article) Why do multinational firms need to think about the middle class now more than in the past? What should the multinational companies do to capture this emerging middle class? 2.V

    Strategic Planning

    Suppose you have been hired by Zipcar to come up with a international strategic plan. Please discuss the following: 1. Should Zipcar expand into other c ountries beyond the current five countries that they operate in? If so, which countries should they enter first? 2. What kind of strategy should they use? For example:

    Partnership with the PLA

    You are the CEO of a Canadian-Chinese joint venture that operates in China. Your Chinese partner is the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA has built a sprawling network of businesses that do everything from raise pigs to run airlines and hospitals, mine coal, man- age hotels, and operate paging and cellular networks. As a b

    Japan Versus China

    In a short paper, answer the questions below: - What are the primary issues that separate China and Japan? - How has the Chinese government worked to facilitate the separation of China and Japan? - How does the saying "the winners get to write history" apply to this - How might these issues hinder business between Japanes

    Political Risk - Venezuela

    1.Read this story about Venezuela's nationalization of Cargill and watch this video. Conduct your own research as well. Discuss the following questions: - Why did Chavez decide to nationalize Cargill? Do you think he was justified? - If you were the executive of Cargill, what would you do? http://www.washingtontimes.com

    International Trade in a Firm

    Choose a position for or against this idea: International firms offer the best hope for creating world peace and improving economic conditions for all people. Justify your position. Create a strategy that elaborates on the advantages of an organization creating an alliance in each trade bloc prior to entering a trade agreeme

    MTV Goes Global Case Study Questions

    As asked by the Buggles song, did "video kill the radio star"? Well, perhaps not, but no company has been more successful at getting teenagers around the world to tune in to music televi- sion than MTV Networks (www.mtv.com). Applying the maxim "Think globally, act locally," the company beams its irreverent mix of music, news, a


    Explain how immigration and trade may worsen wage inequality, and how college education may mitigate against that.

    International trade

    Is it possible to estimate the gains from trade? Discuss when it can be estimated and when it can't.

    Strategies of Non Western Multinational Mergers and Acquisitions

    WHEN Ford Motor Company bought Jaguar in 1989 and Land Rover 11 years later, it marked a low point for Britain's ailing industrial heritage. Last year Ford concluded that it could not make money from the illustrious British marques—equally a sign of its waning fortunes. The two firms shortlisted to take the prize come from Ind

    Managing Alliances Discussion

    Luthans and Doh (2012) discuss managing alliances. In your professional opinion as an international manager, what are the three most important pieces of information that you want to know about any organization while maintaining an alliance? Briefly explain. Your response should be at least 150 words in length. Luthans, F.

    help please

    In your own words, define and describe political risk. Create an impressive definition that demonstrates to potential employers or clients that you can clearly articulate the risks associated with international management. Luthans, F., & Doh, J. P. (2012). International management: Culture, strategy, and behavior (8th ed.).

    International Financial Reporting Standards

    (Please do not sign this out without messaging me first) I am currently stuck on the following HW questions looking to get pointed in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is the independent standard-setting body of the IFRS Foundation. Currently IA

    BRIC Market Entry Strategy

    Luthans and Doh (2012) discuss entry strategies and ownership structures. As an international manager, which entry strategy would you use for a consumer product organization? For context, select one of the BRIC countries.

    Is Strategic Planning Necessary?

    Various authors and professionals suggest that an organization must plan or have a strategy to be successful. Do you feel that planning and strategic management is necessary to be successful? Why or why not? Consider this question from the perspective of an organization and as an individual.

    What are the Types of Corruption

    What are the types of corruption; what are the effects of corruption on the multinational corporation? How can MNCs effectively deal with this problem?

    Global Staffing and Domestic Staffing: Similarities and Differences

    The original case study: It is fair to say that some of the issues in staffing for local assignments are the same for international assignments. However, there are significant differences as well. In this discussion, we want to focus on the similarities and differences and consider how we can address the challenges of global

    International Market for an Automobile Company

    If you were the owner of an automobile company and decided to market internationally, what kind of competition would your business face? • Would you face imperfect, monopolistic, oligopolistic, or perfect competition? • What sort of circumstances would you have to be aware of, and why? • What if you were a major retaile

    Cultural Differences and International Work

    Studies have shown that about 40% of U.S. employees who were assigned overseas positions have failed at their jobs not because of the ability to do their assigned task, but due to the lack of understanding of the cultural differences. Can you explain the reason why?

    An International Culture Within a Global Market

    Do you think that someday there could be an international set of norms where people would put their personal cultures aside and adopt an international culture for dealing within a global market?

    Marriott International and Its Aspects of Culture

    Please assist with writing ideas for a paper on the characteristics of the company that make it one of the 100 best companies to work for. Discuss what the company does, aspect of its culture, and why it is successful. Your paper should be 5 pages. Sources must be cited in parenthesis in the paper following the item and the t

    International Business Environment

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of foreign ownership of public utilities such as electricity, water supply, airports, harbors, and so on?

    Free Trade Policies and Worldwide Charitable Contributions

    Comparing free trade policies and worldwide charitable contributions, which has done more to elevate the living conditions in impoverished third world countries? Defend your position. Please provide 2-3 references and about 500 words.