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International Business Management

Intercultural management: undesirable tactics in negotiation

Sometimes undesirable tactics for persuasion are used in international negotiations. What are some of these tactics? Text Book: Deresky, H. (2011). International management: Managing across borders and cultures (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Addressing Global Challenges

How well has Vyas managed the global challenges this project involved? See the following case study: Case Study: Applied Research Technologies, Inc.: Global Innovation's Challenges Christopher A. Bartlett, Heather Beckham Feb 19, 2010.

Expansion into Global Markets

Choose a U.S. company, and research its international presence. Explain reasons why this company expanded into the global market.

perspective of an international management

what is the perspective of an international management consultant called in to advise a major organization about current issues affecting its ability to optimize operations in today's economy or changes needed to enhance operations management in the future, and providing details of an organization and its background.

Born Global

Companies employ various strategies to integrate into a global market. How does a company apply global integrative strategies? One such integrative strategy is known as being "born global." How is a company "born global"?

Global Ethical Theories

What is a practical application of global ethical theories, and how do these theories affect an organization? What is the best way that individuals in the global marketplace can promote ethics in business?

Intercultural Business Management and Ethics

This task is to explore and compare the influences of culture (religion, language, etc.) in conducting business in at least two of the following cultures: India, the Middle East, and Africa. Step 1: Research and find 2-4 articles related to the influence of culture on doing business in India, the Middle East, and/or Africa.

Case Study: IKEA's Global Sourcing Challenge

In the article "IKEA's Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A)" 1. Who are the stakeholders in this case? What are their values or rights? Are there any competing interests between stakeholders? Remember to include the shareholder as one of the stakeholders. 2. What are the national and global laws you

Role in the global health arena

Just looking for some suggestions for outline to answer question about what steps a country can take to play a responsible role in the global health arena?

McDonald's Adaption to Global Markets

Case study question: McDonald's was called "the poster boy for the proliferation of standardized global products" ( Hill, 2009, p. 436). They have also been a model for adaptation to local markets. What are some key learning points that apply to cultural acceptance and supply chain management as demonstrated by McDonald's? T

Should companies avoid international business activities?

1. Allowances and reimbursements for international assignments are costly. Should companies avoid international business activities? Explain your reason. 2. Case Study; "Jenkins Goes Abroad." Answer the two questions at the end of the Case Study. Reference: - Martocchio, J. J. (2011). Strategic compensation: A human reso

Global Trends Affecting United Airlines

List and explain the impact of three different external global trends that are affecting United Airlines today. Illustrate how each of these trends gives rise to strategic opportunities or threats.

Global Managers - Global Competitiveness

See the article and answer the following questions: Kedia, Ben L., and Ananda Mukherji. "Global managers: Developing a mindset for global competitiveness." Journal of World Business 34.3 (1999): 230-251. 1. Summarize the case in less than 1 or 2 paragraphs 2. Discuss the management issues present in the case, explicitly conn

Crisis Management: Explosion in Toulouse

1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case. 2. Update the information in the case by researching it on the Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case. 3. Discuss two successful cases of organizations that managed their crisis successfully. What steps did they take to effe

BRIC Countries and Global Strategies

1) BRIC Down? In this article regarding the BRIC countries it states that the economic growth of the BRIC countries is slowing. Brazil, Russia and India's money have weakened the most and China's yuan has declined the most since 1994 when it was devalued by authorities. Brazil has become an "economic powerhouse" but its economy

Emergency Planning at work when crisis strikes: Too many attendees scheduled to come to Women's Day Conference. This solution gives suggestions on how to handle situation.

You are a recent college graduate and have been working with the most successful planning firm in Portland, Oregon for the past 12 months. You have assisted with dozens of events and are now excited to lead your first large event. It is three days until your event, the second annual Women's Day Conference. The local medical scho

Issues of Change

Analyze the change issues within Owes Home Improvement through Kotter's models of change.

Global Markets and Resource Use

Scenario: Mike one of the marketing strategists on your team, stops at your office door wanting to talk. "We use fabrics that are made domestically; however, there are issues with using these same fabrics globally. There are laws and regulations that prevent us from shipping these fabrics to other countries. This is a huge conce

International Aspect of Management

I need to write 3-4 pages about an article addressing a topic or issue concerning the international aspect of management. For example, an article discussing the issues facing Americans managing overseas, or an article examining the issues faced by foreign nationals when managing in the United States. The article might address

The Role of Women in International Management

Topic: Although the role of women in international management is increasing, women represent an underutilized role by U.S. companies. What is the role of women in international management? What are three things companies should do to increase the role of women in overseas assignments?

Global Business Cases: Semiconnected Inc. and Justin Marshall

Read the two cases: (1) Minicase: Semiconnected Inc. - Must It Reorganize? and (2) Minicase: Justin Marshall - A Failed Global Leadership Opportunity. Discuss what organizational structure SemiConnected Inc. should have used when it decided to set up its first foreign plant in Taiwan. In the case for Justin Marshall, discuss cul

Global Geographic Structure

The global geographic (area) structure is the most common form of organization for foreign operations. What is global geographic structure? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this structure?

Local and Global Product Manufacturing

Timbuk2 is more than a bag. It's more than a brand. Timbuk2 is a bond. To its owner, a Timbuk2 bag is a dependable, everyday companion. We see fierce, emotional attachments form between Timbuk2 customers and their bags all the time. A well-worn Timbuk2 bag has a certain patina-- the stains and scars of everyday urban adventures.

High-End Product Entry in to Foreign Markets

What mode of entry do fashion designers such as Pierre Cardin, and other high-tech firms like Texas Instruments share in common in their effort to get their product into foreign markets? Identify three key benefits of this mode of entry.

Global Challenges and Companies' Environmental Policies

Company Environment Policy Issues of global warming, emission of CO2 gases, and corporate social responsibility are receiving increasing attention from interest groups, legal and governmental establishments, and the media. Research and write a comparison and contrast report examining the "green" policies of General Electric