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Industry and Globalization

Please assist me with the following two discussion questions:

1. Research an industry (other than the Flat Screen TV industry) that has experienced globalization or may be a good candidate for globalization in the future and explain why you selected the industry.

2. Choose two countries (other than the U.S.) within the same region of the world. Assess the political risks, economic risks, and legal risks of each country. If you had to invest a large sum of money into one of these two countries, which one would it be? Why?

Please include references.

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1. I would choose the automobile industry because it has a rich history and was a leader in globalization. There are many countries involved in the automobile industry, and it includes assembly plants, car parts, car safety, transportation, fuel, and other associated industries. The auto industry includes start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers. Family fights, legal issues, safety issues, all occur in the auto industry, and can spread across many countries as well. The auto industry is large and for some a very much needed product. However, the problems associated with automobiles provides many good working opportunities as well.

Employees, designs, quality, where and when, importing and exporting are all subjects in the auto industry. Today an automobile can be assembled in one country with parts manufactured in other countries on nearly every other continent. This makes the auto industry one of the most globalized industries in the market. The resources are also from a vast number of places. Each country ...

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