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Global Policy and Strategy

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Why are some industries apparently more global than others? Identify one and support with your rationale.

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Policy and Strategy
A global industry is one in which the organizations in that industry compete with one another to have a global market presence for the product in concern. Apart from this, these same organizations must benefit from economies of scale and scope (Global Strategic Management, n.d.). To understand why one industry has global advantage over another, it is important to understand the factors or drivers that define a global industry. These factors or ...

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Entry Strategy Analysis

Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word paper where you describe your company's entry strategy. When writing the paper, please address the following:
A. Identify and asses two modes of entry for your company. They want to find a way to enter into a Latin American country, not already doing business,market.
1. The two modes should from different categories of entry.
2. Justify your choices based on the infrastructure characteristics described in the environmental analysis performed on your company in individual paper 1.
B. Determine the impact that a non-governmental organization would have on both of these entry strategies.
1. You may choose any one (1) NGO.
2. Determine if the NGO has an impact on your organization's operations in their home country.
3. Just what is the impact (if any) that the NGO plays in your industry.
C. Identify three (3) cultural and/or geographical factors that do have an impact on your organization's operations. Then address how those factors impact the HR function. Pay particular attention to:
1. Staffing and recruiting for the new organization;
2. Training and compensation at the new organization;
3. Expatriate policies at the new organization.
The organization you chose in Individual Paper 1 is the organization that you will use for this paper.

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