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    Global Business Environment

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    Why is it important to focus on industries when examining globalization? Develop a listing of generic elements of a global industry (e.g., global customers). What are the industry drivers for global industry? The appliance industry produces products that are used in every country. Is it a global industry? Will the industry evolve like the automobile industry to the point that there are a small number of international firms present in all major markets? What are the global drivers? Would the drivers be different if we were examining the automobile industry instead of the appliance industry? How?

    The response addresses the queries posted in 588 words with references.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 588 words with references.

    // The paper deals with presenting the importance of focusing on industries, while examining the concept of globalization, and various other aspects related to it, such as generic elements of global industry, industry drivers for global industry, information about the appliances industry, whether it is a global industry or not, global drivers and revelation of the fact whether the drivers will be same in appliance and automobile industry//


    Most commonly used and focused concept in today's world is globalization as more and more people and industries are concentrating on the fact that there are wide number of opportunities present for them to explore the new markets at an international level. Globalization is such a concept which brings the industries of different nations together, so that they work with each other to bring about the developmental change at a global level. Before examining globalization, it is very important to concentrate on the type of industry in which the trade is intended to be practiced (Rickard, 2006).

    The reason behind focusing on the industry is that it is not only industry that affects the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 588 words with references.